Here we go again, there’s always to look forward something, ain’t there? The best biker event of Europe is coming up soon and it’s non other than the Bulldog Bash, held at the Shakespeare County Raceway, near Stratford upon Avon in Warwickshire, England. The bash normally kicks off on the 2nd weekend of August and after the 4 day non-stop party the gates will close on Monday (…of course of the same month you greedy muppet!). Bulldog Bash the must go biker event
The Bulldog Bash is without a doubt one of the best biker festivals in Europe with all the fun you can imagine at events of this kind.

Bulldog Bash - The biker party

Bulldog Bash – The biker party

The first Bulldog Bash was held back in 1987 and the main focus ever since was the Drag Strip. Apart from some crazy motorbike stunt shows you will be able to see some of the world fastest machines in action here, including a variety of top fuel cars and motorbikes, jet cars, rocket bikes and jet lorries, not to mention the Run What Ya Brung element which means that you can race your bike against the time on the Drag Strip to show what you and your machine is made of.

The Drag Strip is an important part or the Bulldog Bash, but not the only one! Rockers, get ready for some good Rock and Roll music on the main stage. A few years agon there were some big bands lined up, nowadays the flash is a bit reduced but you can still expect some great music throughout the weekend. To check an update on the current line up follow the link at the bottom of the page, it will take you to the Bulldog Bash website.

For dance lovers, there is usually a dance tent with top class DJ’s, UV environment and non-stop music.

An other favourite attraction of the Bulldog bash is the Custom Bike Show, which has grown to be one of the best custom show of it’s kind. You will be able to see some of the best custom motorcycles, trikes and cars on display here thanks to the organisers (normally the BSH magazine).

Apart from all this you will have the chance to enter your girlfriend (or yourself) into the wet T-shirt competition, experience the Topless Bike (and anything else) wash, enter the Adult Tent if you’re up for that kinda stuff, watch some good wrestling or stunt displays and enjoy the fun fair.

There will be plenty of food and even more drink so what else can one want?

Get on your feet, motorbike, trike, car, van, bicycle, horse, ass, or I don’t care what, get down there, lay back and enjoy yourself on Europe‘s best and probably the safest Motorbike Bash, the Bulldog!!!

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