When Polaris jumped into the motorcycle manufacturing business in 1998, a lot of people were skeptic about the news. The manufacturer company who was already famous from their ATV Quads and Snowmobiles did not give their own name to the project, but in association to the classic American engine type, the V, they’ve named their cruiser/chopper motorcycle series Victory.

Victory Vegas 8-ball

Victory Vegas 8-ball motorcycle

The fact that they’ve survived the past ten years must prove something, what more, they’ve just brought out their 2009 models.
There are no radical changes on the Vegas, Kingpin, Hammer and the 8-Ball models, but they’ve improved the electrics and made other minor technical changes. The visible change is mainly the custom style paint job and the new style monochrome Victory emblem on the petrol tank.

Cross Country 8-Ball

Cross Country 8-Ball – Victory motorcycle

The most powerful model’s got a 106ci (1731cc) 92bhp engine. To celebrate the tenth anniversary there is a limited edition of the Vision series with different paint job, luxury comfort and premium sound system. Only a hundred been made of this special edition tenth anniversary Victory model.
Victory is keeping up the close relationship with the godfather of customizing Arlen Ness and his son Cory to ensure the good taste in their current and future designs.